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Welcome to is the the premier online destination for playing classic Nintendo Entertainment System games like Contra, Mega Man, BattleToads, Tecmo Bowl, CastleVania and Super Mario Bros. and many other great NES games, whether they be imported, homebrew, or even the elusive unreleased games.

Unlike similar websites, is able to provide you classic NES games legally. We can only provide you with classic NES games that we have an original cartridge of, which have either been bought out of pocket or donated by Players Like You™. If we don't have the games in our possession, we can't have them online.

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The Font Has Been Changed

It's probably time to break free of Tahoma, so the font has been changed. This will eventually make it over to the other websites. Also, Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Master and Hit the Ice were added to the Unreleased Games page.

Edit: Somehow forgot to change the IDs in the system, the links to those games actually work now. (Sorry.)

This Fantasy Isn't Nearly Final Enough

I really don't like having to explain this type of thing, because invariably, anyone who tries to explain what happened with this series comes across as a crazy person, but I guess I'll just have to do my best, so to speak.

So, today, we've added Final Fantasy 2 to This is, actually, the fourth game in the series, because Square didn't release the second or third games outside of Japan, and the sequels have next to nothing to do with each other in terms of story, so they just changed the number and called it good.

The reason for that, however, that the translation of Final Fantasy 2 was taking too long, and the release date would have slipped several months after the SNES was on shelves. So, there's a half-translated and rather unstable prototype of Final Fantasy 2 now added to the Unreleased Games section, the real Japanese version of Final Fantasy 2, and the really nice fan-translated version of Final Fantasy 2. The Japanese Final Fantasy 1 was also added.


Still with me? Great. Here's where things get really strange. Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 on the PlayStation, and Square actually got kind of sensible with the numbers, so I don't have to explain that any further. For reasons I won't go into right now (this would take far too long), a team of Chinese programmers took the entire game and rewrote it for a knockoff Famicom system. This is game that spanned 3 CDs at about 700 MB each, compressed into one 2 MB cartridge. Thing is, it's rather good, it has been added to the Pirate Originals page.

So, naturally, a variety of people worked together to translate this back into English, and fix a bunch of problems with the Chinese release. The underlying engine is still the same, but many sprites were redrawn and much of the music was fixed to sound less harsh and resemble the original sound of the game on the PlayStation. It's not perfect, but considering that the translation team had to disassemble the game to do it, it's a very impressive technical feat. So, Final Fantasy VII can be played in English here, and it is stored in the Translated games menu.

EarthBound Zero, EarthBound & Some Informative Notes

River City Ransom

For a series as iconic and as often requested as this, it seems fitting that it be given the extra attention of having an announcement dedicated to it. Today at, we've launched the complete translated EarthBound in the unreleased games section, as this game—while complete—was not released on the NES, and has still not seen a subsequent release stateside. Of note, this is the patched version of the game which should be playable to completion. While it technically counts as a ROM Hack, the game in an unaltered state isn't usable, and we don't have a ROM Hack section, so... we're leaving it in the unreleased games section out of convenience and tradition.

Over at, the sequel to this game has been added for your enjoyment as well. These are somewhat difficult games to test for quality assurance because of the structure of their programming... as such, please feel free to contact us if something is going wrong in the middle of gameplay. (We would also suggest saving often, particularly for the first week of general availability, as if we have to patch it internally to fix some errors, your saved data will continue to work on the updated version.)

If you haven't checked, yesterday also the saw the release of 35 other great games, including some favorites that have been often requested, but were not added because the old emulation technology didn't support it.

Bring Us Together (Or, 35 New Games Added)

River City Ransom

Following our successful migration to Flash, we have been studying our to-do lists to determine what games we have embargoed—that is, games purchased that haven't been added because they don't work on the old Java emulator—and have been putting together release lists and trying to work out some QA issues and requests for games to be added. As is by far the most popular of the four websites offered by Emulation Collective, we've started out here, but quickly found ourselves overwhelmed by the amount of work that lay ahead.

As such, we've decided to package up our currently cleared games, which is by a rough estimation about a quarter of the backlog we have for The 35 games added today are:

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar, Adventures of Lolo 2, Archon, Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Bases Loaded, Bases Loaded II, Burai Fighter, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Clash at Demonhead, Cobra Triangle, Conflict, Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge, Day Dreamin' Davey, Days of Thunder, Defenders of Dynatron City, Demon Sword, Dig Dug 2: Trouble in Paradise, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones, Dragon Warrior III, Dragon Warrior IV, G.I. Joe, G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor, Gauntlet, Gauntlet II, Gemfire, Goal! Two, NES Open Tournament Golf, Nintendo World Cup, River City Ransom, RoadBlasters, Taboo: The Sixth Sense, Tetris, Videomation, and Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II.

The next update will cover some unreleased games that we didn't get quality assurance clearance on to make it out this weekend—we're very much looking forward to being able to release. We hope to have that out before the end of the month, as well as a related update over on As before, if you have thoughts on the switch to the new Flash emulators, please feel free to contact us, and, thanks for playing!

Edit: A caching issue broke the rollout, it should be fixed. If you don't see the games on the list, press Ctrl+F5.

Delicious Fruit Blend Punch-Out!!

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Title

With the recent migration to Flash, we are able to bring you games that were not previously possible due to technical limitations of the old Java platform. We're presently preparing a much larger release of games, but felt it necessary to roll this release out well ahead of everything else, as it is easily the most frequently requested game in the history of the website.

Starting now, both versions of Punch-Out!!, including Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! are available to play. (Edit: Links fixed. Sorry.)

Next month, we will be bringing you even more games to play, including more unreleased games that—for whatever reason—were completed but never saw a commercial release, as well as interesting pirate original games, which saw release in grey-market places primarily in Asia, where new games for the NES continued to be released into 2006.

If you have thoughts on the switch to the new Flash emulators, please feel free to contact us, and, as always, thanks for playing!

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